Kansas Hunting

Located near the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife refuge, waterfowl hunting is the majority of the hunting done on the Kansas properties. A wetland of approximately ten (10) acres provides flooded crops and natural vegetation for excellent wetland hunting. In addition, large agricultural fields provide excellent field hunting for duck and geese.

In addition, deer and turkey are often hunted on the Kansas property.

Missouri Hunting

Once the temperature turns very cold, waterfowl feed in the nearby corn fields on a daily basis, including the 97 acre Missouri Property. This offers some of the best hunting found in North America. The process of hunting these cornfields is very simple. Hunters sit in ground chairs or lay down blinds covered in fast grass. Two dozen or so Greenhead Gear full body field decoys are used with 2-3 robos for movement. The corn field hunting can be amazing with large groups of ducks diving into the spread.